Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hot Weather

Many of you have probably seen memes like this recently:

The last two months have seemed longer than usual. It's been six weeks since I last worked, yet it has seemed like an eternity. Lately, the way I tend to remember what day it is is by what is on TV each night and when our neighborhood gets our garbage picked up (on Fridays, meaning we have to place ours out the night before). 

As though all this weren't confusing enough, another thing has been happening lately in my neck of the woods--Hot weather. Not unusual for late April in California as it has happened in the past, but it's just adding to the time confusion. Some are asking colloquially, "What month or day is it?" and now they can ask "What season is it?"

Anyone else having hot weather in their area? 


  1. Since I retired the days often blur together so the virus hasn't changed that.
    We are (finally) getting cool weather - but we are also getting spring blooms - at the start of autumn.
    It seems that nature is as confused as I am.

  2. That last one is especially funny.
    Like EC, once I retired, my days ran and continue to run together.

  3. The months really have been long, haven't they?
    Our weather is cool to warm.
    Stay safe. Stay healthy.