Friday, April 24, 2020

Reading Digital Books

I had been reading free books from Project Gutenberg for a while now, but only just began the Overdrive books. I began this once the library shut down amid the pandemic. It's one of the places I am dying to get back to.

There are pros and cons of digital reading, though there seem to be more cons. Some books have a wait of six months. And some titles are not available at all. They can be suggested, but that does not guarantee they will be added. I have suggested some titles and none have been added. And having to stare at my computer screen for so long and being unable to read in bed. I have also been listening to audiobooks on Overdrive, but have to sit near my computer to hear most of them, unlike on CD, when I can can get up and listen. The pros of course is that it is free with your library card.

I'm glad that Zip Books via my library is still running during this time. Up to three items can be ordered a month. Those ordering from Zip Books will hold onto the items ordered until the library reopens. I have two books from Zip right now. I now wonder how many I will accumulate before the library reopens.

And of course there is my stash at home that I have been working through. Gets so hard to decide sometimes. Still prefer this kind of books.


  1. I definitely prefer print books - and have a huge stash to work through. I am happy to reread as well which means my stash is even bigger.

  2. I prefer ebooks these days. If you haven’t yet, see if you can access your city or state library for free to access the ebooks in their catalogues, you could also sign up for Scribd’s free 30 day trial to increase your reading options.

  3. I have to say my little free library has been busy to the point we are afraid we might run out of kid books. I have trouble reading off of a kindle so I as well can not wait for the library to reopen.

  4. I highly recommend a Kindle. It makes reading e books so much easier and there's always all kinds of freebies on Amazon.