Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fifth Year

It is now been five years since I began on Prozac. I can still remember the days leading up to the appointment, needing a physical exam and a blood draw before seeing the psychiatrist. All this surrounded by an unexpected construction on the road of the trailer park where I living at the time (I left in April 2016). No advance notice of this road repair; just an unexpected knock that very morning. The doctor's appointment was that very afternoon and I was already anxious about that. Parking for the next few days was going to be awkward for a while, at least until the cement being poured on the road dried. I believe it took until the following Sunday. It blocked off my driveway so I had to park in front of a neighbor's trailer until then. This added more ot my anxiety at the time. And not knowing about fasting for 12 hours before a blood draw, I had to wait the the following morning. This meant no breakfast util the draw was done. The psychiatrist visit was that Friday afternoon. I picked up the prescription later that day, to be started the following morning.

Still going and not ashamed of it.

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  1. I am so glad that you have found a prescription which suit you. It can be a very hit and miss affair.