Friday, August 21, 2020

Mask Humor

I definitely won't be bronzing my masks! I'm certainly more used to putting on a bra than a mask everyday. And I'd be more eager to burn my mask than I would a bra! The reactions to the bronzing post on Facebook were largely about burning masks. For now, I'll plan on just throwing mine into the garbage. Not much for starting fires. But I will not be saving my masks in any way.

Had to share and laugh at the flag one. Customize it to match your own masks, if you so choose! (I don't).

And I just had to laugh at the pumpkin spice. Are masks really going to get into the yearly pumpkin spice craze? And it just seems ironic that mandatory mask-wearing seems about to ruin the one holiday that includes wearing masks. As well as the months-long horror that seems about to threaten the one night of the year focused on horror.


  1. There are some gems here. And no, I have no plans to preserve my masks.

  2. Pumpkin spice got a guffaw.

    Masks will NOT be saved.