Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thunder Storms!

Yes, there were thunder storms in my area yesterday afternoon and early this morning. Not something to expect in the middle of June, and on the day after the summer solstice. 

The summer solstice day for my area was really hot, even well into the night. Yesterday, the following day, it was expected to be hot again and it was for a while. Around two o'clock yesterday I fell asleep while reading and when I woke up, it appeared dark and gloomy outside, Though it was starting to cool off, one good thing that came out of the storms. A few lightning strikes occurred during the day, and some rain came down, but I did not see the rain except for the drops it left on the windshield of my car.

The storms struck again around a quarter to one this morning, waking me up. I got out of bed to look outside to watch the storms from the front door. Not surprisingly, I had trouble getting back to sleep.

Now it's expected to be hot today. Such weird weather.


Elephant's Child said...

I do hope you can stay cool. The weather appears to be weird the world over. And I fear it will get worse.

Anonymous said...

We desperately need rain, with or without the thunder:)
Hope your weekend is lovely.

Sandra Cox said...

We desperately need rain and cooler temperatures here.
Have a great weekend.

Sandra Cox said...

I think weird weather is turning into the norm, don't you, Jamie?
YOU take special care.

Sandra Cox said...

I hate it when I can't get back to sleep.

Kay said...

Since moving back to Hawaii some 14 years ago, we haven’t seen storms like we used to see in Illinois. I sure hope the weather will really cool off for you soon.