Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pen and Paper? Or All Digital?


This morning on Twitter I saw a link to Amanda Fleet's blogpost with the title above.   I left a comment on her blog and Tweeted to her about it.

In her post, the author talks about needing to write things out before typing them on a computer.  I've also been that way.  I've always had to write stuff out before tying it. And I was that way even before I ever had a computer years ago.

This is currently what I am doing: keeping my chapter notes on filler paper in a binder.  What is my reason, you may be asking?  Well, one is what I said above. It just seems to be a long-time habit.  Also, I can do it in bed if I get inspired then rather than during the day.  It varies when I get the ideas to write.

Another is a problem I've been having with my printer for some time now.  Every time I try it doesn't seem to work and I still don't know what to do. I also have an old computer and don't foresee being able to afford a new one in the near future.  So this is just a temporary set up for getting my thoughts down in hopes of being able to type them out for others to read.  I have copied some of the chapter so my mom can read (she still hasn't been able to). I mentioned all this in this post from last month.

The image above came from this link that asks whether you should keep a paper or digital journal and lists the advantage of each.

How do you keep your writing journal?


  1. I'm a big typer. So a computer is my best mode. However when planning, I use pen and paper. I have been seriously putting a story together. I have written portions. But when it came to pulling the pieces together. I had to have paper and pencil. Plus, I don't catch errors as fast on the computer.

  2. Years ago, I wrote longhand and typed it up later. There is something very relaxing about writing longhand. Now I just type...it's faster. But I am drawn to this device, which converts your handwriting to text while you write: http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/mobile-accessories/bamboo-spark