Monday, March 28, 2016

Moving--What to Keep?

I'm up early today to get ready for work, so I thought I'd make a quick blog today.  Since I'm in the process of moving, I wasn't sure how many posts I'd be getting done this week.  But I must confess I've only made a dent in getting things packed.  Anyone who's had to move can tell you how hard this can be.
Moving Boxes: Alternative Options

It's amazing how much stuff one can acquire in any number of year. It's easy to forget you have some things and then wonder what you'll do with it and if you should take it with you.  I've started a box of stuff I've decided not to keep to be donated to one of our neighborhood thrift stores.

Some stuff I'm not sure about and will keep in storage.


Ann Bennett said...

I've moved several times. I moved my mom from her house to mine. She and my father had lived there over 40 years, and the accumulation was horrific. What I did move filled my house and left little room for my things. From personal experience, if you don't think you will use it. Get rid of it.
I am dealing with professional clothes. I no longer wear them. It is a waste for me to let them go out of style. However, I can't let go of them quite yet. But I need to. So remember, I am a big hypocrite. lol

Jamie Ghione said...

I did go through my clothes on Saturday to decide what to keep and to get rid of. I tossed out those that were too worn out and put those that are still good (but which I didn't want anymore) into a bag for donation.