Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Move With Books

I guess you can say I'm a book hoarder. I have so many I've bought (mostly from thrift stores) that I have yet to read. And yet I'm always borrowing library books, though I haven't borrowed any for almost three weeks now.  I've been trying to read from my stacks for a while, but intend to borrow again, to save money and to find books I don't have at home that I need for my book challenges.

Also, I had some boxes of books I'd already read. I didn't know what I should do with these. But I knew I need to get rid of them, and didn't want to overwhelm anyone donation source.  So yesterday I took some of the books to a local thrift store run by the county hospital, along with other stuff I planned to donate that I didn't want or need anymore.  Then I donated some of the books to the library that same day. And today I took some to the mental health center where I work.  My boss liked that I had done this and then began to make room on the bookshelf by getting rid of some of the books already there (taking them to the library). I also took some of the paperbacks that someone had brought to the center, even though I already have many I haven't read yet! But one was a duplicate, so it had to go.

But it's not just the books I've been donating. Today I took some other things I decided I no longer needed or wanted and will do the same tomorrow.  And today my mom and I rented a storage space for some of the stuff I won't have room for.


Ann Bennett said...

It sounds like you are working hard. I wish you lived closer to me. I would hire you to organize me. You sound like you are doing a great job.

Jamie Ghione said...

Thanks for the comment. It's a lot of work, but it's getting done.