Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Books Made You a Writer?

A while ago, I was looking on the Goodreads lists for "books that inspired you to write" and found this list:  The Books That Turned You Into a Writer.  It asks, "What are the books that made you think, 'I want to do that. I want to write something that makes people feel the way this book made me feel'?"

Was/were there any book(s) that made you become a writer? As you may have seen on my blog, I got serious about writing a memoir after reading Prozac Nation.  But reading books as a child made me write stories then (don't have any of them now). I'm not sure, however, what books specifically influenced then, though I know I read the Little House series numerous times.  This may have been one of my early influences.

I voted for Prozac Nation on the Goodreads list above, and saw that I read six other books on the list, including the Hunger Games and Twilight series.  I have no clue, however how to write a vampire love story or a dystopian tale.  I'm heavy into romance novels and mysteries, but have no clue who to begin either of these.

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