Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Looking For Support

I'm really working on my writing, but only had a few people to read what I have done so far.  My boss has been reading it. As I write another section, I bring to the center where I am working to let her see. I've copied the first of my chapters so my mom can read it (she hasn't as of yet). But I'd like to hear from others, particularly local writers. I know of one, a bar owner who has written a memoir.

Where I come from, there isn't a lot to do.including groups on I'm currently in a women's book club through that site, but there are very few Meetup others groups in my town.  I'd start one myself, but can't afford the $20-per-month fee.

On her blog each month, Stephanie Faris (who has been commenting on my blog often) has mentioned the Insecure Writers Support Group. Sounds like fun, but I want some interpersonal connection as well.


Has anyone else ever joined this site?  If so, how is it?

What else can you suggest?


Stephanie Faris said...

Thank you for the mention!!! The IWSG is a great way to meet people, but yes, finding locals can be tough. Depends where you live. I see New York City writers find TONS of people to meet up with, but the rest of us who live in smaller towns have to struggle to find like-minded people. I will say that in the 90s, when I was looking for a writer's group, I sent a press release in the local papers for a romance writing group. (The Internet was still new.) That was how Music City Romance Writers ended up being formed.

Jamie Ghione said...

My hometown does have some groups on Facebook, and in one I asked if anyone was interested in starting a writers' group. One person replied that there is a page for such a group and added my name to the page. So far, there has been no activity on the page and no word on meeting in person.

Ann Bennett said...

I wish I knew of some online writer's groups that were reputable. I know they exist. I was even given a name of one. They usually require you read other people's work to read what people say about yours.

I've joined IWSG but not been active. If I were you, I would join and look around the site.

It is hard to get feedback. I have given up. I just write and plan to pay an editor on down the line.