Friday, March 25, 2016

Yeah, That's Me

I saw (and shared) this on Facebook a while ago and saw it again just today.  This is definitely me.

anxiety girl

Yeah, I've had many cases of anxiety.  One reason I've been on Prozac, along with depression.  I've often worried about things would turn out, often thinking they wouldn't be as I'd hoped.  But most often, they worked out just fine.  Too many things to mention and some are too hard to even begin to describe.  Are you prone to anxiety?

And how many of you are familiar with the term ringxiety?  I blogged about a while ago, and recently posted on Facebook asking if anyone has had it.  One girl asked what it is, and when I pointed out what it is (thinking your cell phone is ringing or vibrating when it's actually not doing so), a guy replied "I thought it was an anxious woman wanting to be married."  As you can see in the linked post, I only learned about it a few months ago, confessing to my psychiatrist how I'd kept thinking my phone was ringing when it wasn't doing so. I thought I was going crazy, but the doctor said it's common and even he does it with his phone.  No surprise that this is a common condition, given how cell phones have become increasingly part of every day life.  I've been having it it a lot since I confessed this to my doctor. 


Ann Bennett said...

Anxiety is a booger. I remember checking my mail and fearfully opening a letter from the bank or other place. In time, I lost my anxiety. I think a lot of stress and bad luck brought it on. We all got a path we have to walk. I'm just glad there is treatment for depression today.

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not sure what it's called, but I've heard people who wear a cell phone on vibrate on their hips all day often feel phantom buzzing after hours, when the phone isn't even on them anymore. When I worked in an office and had a Blackberry that buzzed every time I had an email, I got that sometimes!

Jamie Ghione said...

It's called phantom vibration syndrome, or the aforementioned ringxiety. Another term used is fauxcellarm, a play on "false alarm."

I too have felt this sort of buzzing in my hips and I don't even keep my phone in my pocket that much!

Jamie Ghione said...

Me too. I still get that way about my mail, whatever I get these days. I still believe in paper bills (too apprehensive to pay online!)