Friday, January 20, 2012

Lane Bryant for Bra Shopping

The Lane Bryant store in Gilroy, California.  I shot this
from the parking lot while sitting in my car.

Something I've been hesitant to write about on my blog.  I often dread clothes shopping because it can take up to hours to find things that fit.  I especially dread having to buy new bras, something I'd been putting off for months but finally got around to this past Monday.

I don't want to get into too much detail, but even though I'm not plus sized, I need larger size bras (TMI?) And that rules out several shopping options.  No Victoria's Secret.  I never understood why they are so popular when they only cater to smaller sizes. And just going downtown to Kmart or Target either isn't an option either.  So I decided to try at some store that carries plus-size women's clothing, even though I won't be able to wear the outer clothes, just possibly the intimates.  I already knew about the Lane Bryant store in the town where I work.  I saw on their website that he "buy two, get two free" bra sale was on. However, it ended this Monday, so a trip to LB after work that day was in order.

My shopping bag from LB, at home.
So when I entered the store,  I asked the sales lady for a sizing (again, I'm not going into any detail here) and then she showed me what was available.  As I'd suspected, I was in the store for nearly two hours.  But it wasn't because nothing fit or that I didn't find anything I liked.  Neither of those were true. I found many that fit and that I liked (well some I didn't like, and decided against).  But I found quite a few I did like, so deciding which four to buy was difficult.  But eventually I made my decision and headed to the register to check out.  Everything went well, and I saved over $70 dollars (along with the sale,  I got 25% for spending over $50).  I was satisfied with my purchase.  Surprisingly, I did not get asked to apply for their credit card, which I would  have said no to.  But they did ask if I wished to receive email coupons, and I said yes to that.  It's just email.  I do plan to go to LB when I next need new intimates.

I'd also planned to go Barnes and Noble (next to LB) that day to use the gift card I got for Christmas and it use an email coupon I'd gotten (it expired that day). I just barely made it into the bookstore to find something I'd been waiting to get, as I was exhausted from my Lane Bryant trip.  I didn't make it to get a soda at Bevmo however, even though I was thirsty.  And no looking at the Salvation Army. Two hours in one store is bound to make me too exhausted to look anywhere else when I have to be up early the following morning.  It was nearly three when I got home.

I just signed onto Yelp and wrote a  review for Lane Bryant in Gilroy, CA, the first person to review the store.   My reviews page is here.

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