Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reading the "Stephanie Plum" Books

Today I saw "One for the Money."  I'd read the book just a while ago, and am in the process of reading the entire "Stephanie Plum" series of books.  I've  been borrowing most of them from the library, except for one that did not have as a printed book.  I found a used copy for 50 cents at a thrift store of that particular one.  Another of the book was also not available as a print book, but as an audiobook (as was the above-mentioned book).  I'd never listened to an audiobook, and since this seemed to be the only option I had to read this one book without buying it, I got the audiobook.  It was only three discs and I was able to listen to it all on one Sunday afternoon.  I saw that several of these books are available in audio format at my town's library so I may check out some of the other that way, if I feel I have the patience and time to listen to one again.

Yesterday I finished the eighth book and went to find the next book in the sequence.  Along with 18 (to date) numbered novels, the character is also featured in four holiday-themed novellas, the first of which, "Visions of Sugar Plums," was published after the eighth book, "Hard Eight."   Unfortunately, the library did not have copy for "Sugar Plums," so I asked them if they could do an interlibrary loan.  Since this process can take up to two weeks, I'm trying to decide if want to take a break and read some other stuff I'd been planning to read, such as the "Hunger Games" books, which I have been planning to read for some time now. I got these for Christmas and want to read them before the movie comes out in March.  Oddly enough a trailer for the "Hunger Games" movie was shown before "One for the Money,"  and a "Hunger Games" poster was hanging in the theater lobby.  I've been trying lately to read the book first, but don't always get to do.  There were a few recent movies I saw that were based on a book I haven't read and a while a go I read some books I can see being made into films. But enough about for now (I plan to write about that in another blogpost).

Since I don't know if and when they will get the book at the library, I'm hesitant to start another series of books just now in case they get the book from another library in less than two weeks.  I have all the "Hunger Games" books and want to be able to read them all right after the other.  Same with the books "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" and its sequel "Secrets of a Shoe Addict." I already have these two as well.  I will be hard to give up either of these so quickly if  the "Sugar Plums" book comes to the library in less than two weeks, since I will have have it for three weeks.  But I will decide what  to do.

The Stephanie Plum books in order are (from this link):

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