Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Well, it's 2012 now.  I hated that I did not write a final post for 2011.  I've always written a post on the last day of the year since I began the blog. But between taking down the Christmas decorations, doing laundry, going to see "New Year's Eve" yesterday (on the day itself), and going to a New Year's Eve celebration at a local bar, there just wasn't time to write an official end-of-year blog post.  Even with only two days of work last week (because of inventory this Tuesday),  I slacked a bit on blog posts.  So what follows is a brief of Christmas week.

To recap Christmas: The present I ended up getting in our family Christmas present game was a car-cleaning supplies set from Armor All.   Strange that I really needed stuff to clean my car with and now I have to get around to cleaning it, since it really needs it!   Before the game (and before the cousins began arriving for the night), I got a few presents from Mom; a Barnes and Noble Gift card for $50, and the "Hunger Games" books.  I've wanting to read these since I heard about them and that a feature film based on the first book will be released this March.   On Christmas Day, we went to see "The Adventures of Tintin." 

Last Thursday, I went to my first outing with a group I joined on  We first met at a small restaurant and the went to see "The Descendants."  We'd planned on seeing "New Year's Eve," but found out that it was only playing at 10PM, and we wanted something at 7PM.  And on Friday, my family and I saw  "We Bought a Zoo." 

While I never make resolutions for the New Year,  there are a few things I plan on doing this year and that I hope will change.  I plan on re-lisiting my papier mache Halloween decorations I put up for sale
on Etsy last year.  None of them sold, but I plan on trying again and putting them up for sale was early as July.  And I want to try making other stuff to sale.  And I sure hope I'm not still working in the same place after almost six years.  We'll see what happens this year.

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