Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trying to Read First, then See the Movie

As I stated in my last post, I'd read "One for the Money" before seeing the just-released film based on this book.  I just began reading the "Hunger Games" books, beginning the first one last night.  I got the books for Christmas and have been wanting to read this series for some time now.  Last weekend at the cinema during "One for the Money" was a preview for  the upcoming film based on the first book.

I've been guilty too often of not reading the book before seeing the movie.   In some cases, I was not aware of the book, and just went to the movie.  I kind of got out of reading mode until a few years ago, and now I find myself wanting to read a book once I hear about the upcoming movie based on the book.  I actually heard about the "Hunger Games" books first after overhearing two others customer at Target one day. I asked them about this series and they said it was good.  Then sometime later, I learned via Twitter, about the upcoming movie.  In 2008, I saw the trailer for "Marley and Me," and knew I wanted to see it.  I did not get around to seeing it in the theater, and then I learned about the book, and found it for sale at work.   The movie had already been in my Netflix queue for sometime when I began reading the book, and I got the DVD more than month later.   The first "Twilight" film adaption had already come out before I began reading the series,  and I did not watch it until I'd finished the books.

A few times recently, I  saw a movie without reading the book, but in each case it was because I did not have time and I had not planned seeing the movie on my own.   During a recent visit from some relatives, we decided to go to movie and they wanted to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close."   This was the only movie they were interested in seeing and so as not to feel left out, I went along.   And  at the end of last year, one of my meetup.com  groups had planned on going to see "New Year's Eve" one night, only to find it wasn't playing until after 10PM that night.  Some of us had met earlier at a restaurant, and did not wait until then to go to the movies until then.  They then looked to see what was playing at 7PM, and decided on seeing "The Descendants."   Not wanting to go home early, I went to this one as well.  I had not planned on seeing either of these, at least not right away.

But at least I will have finished "Hunger Games" before seeing the film, which comes out at the end of March.   And I plan to read the next two books right afterward.

I know that wanting to read a book because of an upcoming movie adaptation is kind of a weird reason, but with so many books being adapted as motion pictures, is the only thing that will encourage reading them?  And why must books covers be revised with actors from the film just before its released, such as these?

More posts on books to movie will follow.  

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