Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maybe It's Not a Good Idea After All?

I've felt less prone to crying since being on Prozac as of last summer, but yesterday I actually felt tears coming after hearing something I found discouraging.  I'd posted this question to Yahoo Answers the other day:

How to write fiction based on my experience with depression and Prozac?
And got this response (the only one so far):

Start small, no need to devote over a year to a novel when you can focus on short stories.

I then said you can't publish it like that.  Or can you?   If you publish it online, will anyone see it? I'm thinking not, no one reads that stuff.  No one I know, at least,  will see it that way, I'm afraid.   On this blog, the author mentions Wattpad, which I never heard of until seeing it on her blog.  I don't feel compelled to sign up because I can bet very few people know about this.   Even the blog author admitted she didn't know about it until recently;

A few months ago I learned of this magical place where people can share their stories, books, and writing. It's been called the "Youtube for writing." This place is called Wattpad. 

Another thing I felt that is that the subject of depression has been written about so many times that there is no need for another.  After all as I said in this post, I felt compelled to write about this after reading Prozac Nation. But I felt that story has already been told, so maybe it's not a good idea after all? Although some people might try to tell me that everyone's story is different.  

Believe me though, I am trying to get over this discouragement.


Julie said...

Don't be discouraged! Write the book! I think you should do it as an e-book and offer it on Amazon. Start out with a low price. I can't tell you how many truly awesome e-books I've read on Amazon because the price was $1 or $2. But, after you get enough notice, you can raise the price like others have. Then I'll bet you could publish it in book form if you wanted to.

Jamie Ghione said...

I don't read e-books.

Stephanie Faris said...

There are lots of short story anthologies looking for great stories. Type in "where to submit short stories" and you'll see a bunch of opportunities. I say look around out there and see word counts and such and write something that might work for more than if one rejects it, you can send it somewhere else. You may be able to make $$$ for your great story AND reach lots of people with it!