Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Want to Write My Own Version of My Prozac Experience

Prozac Nation

After reading Prozac Nation and seeing the movie, I feel as if I am living in my own version of a Prozac nation.  I know I'm not alone and an as you can see from recent posts on my blog, I'm not afraid to admit to all this.  And now I feel a desire to write my own version of the book.

I must confess, I kind of wanted to be a writer when I was little but over the years I have slacked off. I would try writing then.  I even took creative writing in junior college.  But my desire to write a novel sort of faded a long time ago (if I ever did have one to begin with).  But now I feel compelled to try again, since I feel I have the perfect subject to write on.  One thing I'm not too certain about is to write a memoir (as the author of Prozac Nation did) or to write a fiction novel based on my own experiences.  I read a little bit of everything, even a lot of  the fantasy novels that have become popular and been made into films.  I've read more fiction, than nonfiction, though.  This makes it hard to decide, though I can see it becoming a fictionalized account, with some stuff made up and exaggerated, but some based completely or loosely on my real-life experience.

For someone who hasn't tempted to write in along time, is starting now too late?  The head of the mental health center I attend says I write well (I've showed her some of the stuff on my blog) so I think
perhaps it can be done.  Seeing how a local business owner in my home town recently published a book and that she's older than I am, I don't think it's too late to try.  [My birthday was yesterday, BTW, but let's just leave it at that :-)]
Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place

Do you feel your life experiences are worth writing about?  Would it be a memoir or fiction based on your own life?

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