Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Lady Detectives Reading Challenge

Found this one just now. Another mystery challenge, but this one focuses on female detectives. I read a lot of cozies with women as detectives, so this should be an easy one for me and  I should be able to get at least 7 books. Sign up here.

Lady Detectives 2016 Reading Challenge

  1. Welcome to my very first reading challenge!!!! I’ve been participating in reading challenges for…. gosh probably 5-6 years. But when I was a kid I’d always join in on the summer reading challenges at my library. Reading’s always been a big part of my year.

My sister hosts 2 reading challenges ever year… one for Jane Austen books, and one for steampunk books. After I offhandedly mentioned that I’d like to host one next year, she 
harassed me suggested that I go ahead and start it now.
After some deliberation, we figured out that there’s quite a few existing challenges for cozy mysteries, and while I enjoy cozies, that’s not the only kind of mysteries I read. However, the majority of my favorite mysteries are solved by ladies. Sure there’s room in my heart for Nero, Hercule, Sherlock, and KoKo… but I read so many more mysteries solved by the female detectives.
This runs from January 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016.
You can enter anytime between now & September 1st, 2016.
I’m keeping this pretty laidback. Wanna read ebooks? Cool. Wanna listen to audiobooks? Cool. Wanna read YA? Cool. So long as it matches the theme of a lady detective being one of the primary characters, I’m good with audio, digital, graphic, YA… whatever. :)
You do not have to blog about it. You do not have to leave reviews. You do not have to choose your books in advance. All that you’re required to do, is leave a comment below with what level you’re aiming for.
If you’d like to keep up with my updates on this challenge, and be in the loop for any surprises I throw in the mix, you can subscribe in the box below. :)
Trixie: 1-3 books (You’re a bit new to this, but you’ve got killer hunches.)
Jane: 4-6 books (You’re quite the clever old bird, but the local constabulary really wish you’d keep out of it.)
Jessica: 7+ books (You find mystery wherever you go. If you’re not a mystery writer yet, you really should be.)
Here is what I'm reading:
  1. Murder of a Bookstore Babe--Denise Swanson
  2. Moon Spinners--Sally Goldenbaum
  3. Murder in Little Italy--Victoria Thompson
  4. Hiss of Death--Rita Mae Brown
  5. X--Sue Grafton
  6. Glazed Murder--Jessica Beck
  7. A Crazy Little Thing Called Death--Nancy Martin
  8. Hooked on Murder--Betty Hechtman
  9. Dead Men Don't Crochet--Betty Hechtman
  10. A Cold Day for Murder--Dana Stabenow
  11. Cross Bones--Kathy Reichs
  12. Bones to Ashes--Kathy Reichs
  13. Savannah Breeze--Mary Kay Andrews
  14. A Sheetcake Named Desire--Jacklyn Brady
  15. The Makeover Murders--Jennifer Rowe
  16. The 5th Horseman--James Patterson
  17. The 6th Target--James Patterson
  18. 7th Heaven--James Patterson
  19. The 8th Confession--James Patterson
  20. A Rose From the Dead--Kate Collins
  21. The 9th Judgment--James Patterson
  22. Murder in Merino--Sally Goldenbaum
  23. Tricky Twenty-Two--Janet Evanovich
  24. Double Fudge Brownie Murder--Joanne Fluke
  25. The PMS Murder--Laura Levine
  26. 10th Anniversary--James Patterson
  27. It Takes a Witch--Heather Blake
  28. An Uninvited Ghost--E.J. Copperman
  29. Purl Up and Die--Maggie Sefton
  30. The Chemist--Stephenie Meyer
  31. 11th Hour--James Patterson
  32. Margarita Nights--Phyllis Stallman
  33. A Wee Christmas Homicide--Kaitlyn Dunnett
  34. The Queene's Christmas--Karen Harper
  35. Pampered to Death--Laura Levine
Challenge completed on December 28

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