Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I've Come to A Decision...

Even though I haven't gotten any votes for this one, I decided I will be offering an epistolary reading challenge for next year, along with my returning Literary Loners and my new Memoir Reading Bingo challenges.

I decided on this since, in 2014, there was a postal reading challenge  I did then. It hasn't been offered since and no comparable challenges have been offered either.  So I decided I wanted to start one for the coming year.  As a result of this decision, I will be closing the poll on my blog.

In this post, I came up with the idea of a YA novel in diary format, set in the 1980s. This is one category of epistolary writing. Side Note: I began some notes last Sunday night, but haven't done any since--guess I'm having writer's block! But it seems kind of weird trying to start something new when I'm still working on my memoir. But more about this later.

I've already begun the posts for the first two challenges (both are currently in draft mode) and will begin one for the epistolary one soon.  I hope to get all posts completed by the end of October or beginning of November, since most sign up posts start going up around that time.  I will then add them to this site. Stay tuned.

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