Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Topical Costumes for 2016?

I'm sure everyone saw this coming. I spotted these at my local Kmart last weekend:

I personally like to avoid topical costumes, especially in election years.  It always seems like the election overshadows Halloween. But in my neck of the woods, the topical costumes never seem to happen. In 2009, I did not see one person dressed as Michael Jackson. I half-expected to see someone as Caitlin Jenner last year, but none could be found.  That being said, I now wonder whether to expect to see the following in my town this year:


Or these:

This website predicts the above costumes to be among the hottest this year.

And don't get me started on Pokemon GO...

Again, I will be avoiding these kinds of costumes.


  1. Yeah, the topical face masks kinda freak me out....

  2. My daughter has been a different Monster High character for at least the past four years. This year will be no different.

  3. Pokemon Go!!! That's a great idea for a costume. I guess everyone does that. I love Halloween but we never get trick-or-treaters here, so I have this spider-web poncho I bought that I wear if we go out on Halloween!