Friday, September 9, 2016

Poll: Reading Challenges for 2017

It's already September, meaning there are only three more months left in the year.  For those who participate in the various annual reading challenges, you can expect to see the sign ups for next year in the coming months. With that in mind, I have already decided to do a memoir reading challenge in a bingo format. I will be working in the post in the coming months.  This year I hosted my first challenge, Literary Loners, and am trying to decide if I want to offer it again, based on the small number of participants I received. I also realized I've read a lot of humorous books and have wondered why there hasn't been a challenge for that one It sounds like it would be a good one to have.  I feel that if I don't see one offered, I could start one myself.  How about one for epistolary reading--books written in formats of letters, blogs, e-mails, and  such?

I decided to make a poll to see what challenges readers would like to see offered on my blog next year. I'm already certain about doing the memoir one, since I have been reading a lot of memoirs and am working on my one of my own. I've been brainstorming categories to put in the bingo grid and am planning on using one of the templates on this site. I've already decided on these and have my post in draft mode. I only plan on hosting up to three challenges, so I will choose whichever ones get the most votes. Please choose up to two.    I have removed the poll as of 9/20. See this post for more details.  

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Stephanie Faris said...

I shoot for five books a month--fellow bloggers' releases and releases by authors who write for my own publisher/editor. That ties me up as far as books I can read, unfortunately! But the good news is that when you read fellow bloggers' published books, you get to read all KINDS of genres you wouldn't have otherwise.