Sunday, December 1, 2019


Doing this one at Northern Plunder.

books and tea reading challenge

BnT Reading Challenge 2020

  1. Match the Dragon Queen – book with a purple cover: Bad Boys With Expensive Toys--Nancy Warren/MaryJanice Davidson/Karen Kelley
  2. You Might Not Have Known – an author’s lesser known book / a lesser known author: Cranford--Elizabeth Gaskell
  3. Why Haven’t I Read This Yet? – a book you’ve owned since 2017: You Belong to Me--Johanna Lindsey
  4. Awesome, Of Course – books by authors of color: Down and Across--Arvin Ahmadi
  5. In Satan we Stan – a book with 666 pages or longer: The Stand--Stephen King
  6. Full of Pride – LGBT+ books and authors: Wayward Son--Rainbow Rowell
  7. Highly Recommended – a staff members favourite: Wilder Girls--Rory Power
  8. A Fresh Look – a book that has an adaptation this year: The Call of the Wild--Jack London
  9. Star’s the Limit – set somewhere otherworldly: Beep and Bob: Too Much Space--Jonathan Roth
  10. New Kids on the Pub(lisher) – 2020 debut author: Uncanny Valley--Anna Wiener
  11. IM DYING TO READ THIS BOOK … yet you haven’t!: My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward--Mark Lukach
  12. Small Stories – an anthology or book that’s shorter than most: Firegirl--Tony Abbott
*This is the only prompt that I think will guide you to a genre. Most likely a sci-fi or fantasy but hey if you can figure out another genre that fits you’re more than welcome to use it.

Challenge completed on July 7


Elephant's Child said...

Some would definitely fit the fantasy/sci-fi mode best, but others are wide open. The out of this world could fit a memoir's mental journey - particularly the journey of someone with mental health issues.

Sandra Cox said...

Have fun.