Monday, December 9, 2019

Linz the Bookworm 2020 Reading Challenge

Here is the list for next year. I just finished this year's challenge last week and got all 60 spaces, and and am determined to to the same next year.

Level 1

1.) Read a book with a title that starts with a "W": Wayward Son--Rainbow Rowell
2.) A book you got for under $3: An Appetite for Violets--Martine Bailey
3.) A book with a blue cover: And Then There Were None--Agatha Christie
4.) Read a book by your favorite author: Coconut Layer Cake Murder--Joanne Fluke
5.) A book with the word "Light" in the title: His Bright Light--Danielle Steel
6.) A book that is set in the future: Gold Fame Citrus--Claire Vaye Watkins
7.) A book from Project Gutenberg: Cranford--Elizabeth Gaskell
8.) Read a book of short stories or a novella: In a German Pension--Katherine Mansfield
9.) Read a book you've had on your "to be read" shelf for more than a year: Stud Rites--Susan Conant
10.) Read a book that takes place in winter: The Snow Bride--Debbie Macomber
11.) Reread a book you have recommended to a friend: Best. Night. Ever--Jen Malone & others
12.) Free Space- Pick any book!: Hollywood Remembered--Paul Zollo

Level 2 

13.) A book under 400 pages: Elijah of Buxton--Christopher Paul Curtis
14.) Read a book by Julie Garwood: The Prize 
15.) Read a classic fairy tale: Snow White and Rose Red--Jacob Grimm
16.) Read a retelling of the classic fairy tale: Blanca & Roja--Anna-Marie McLemore
17.) Read a suspense or horror book: Reborn--C.C. Hunter
18.) A book you got for free (gift, found or book exchange): Good Visions Make Good Cases--Kelly Hashway
19.) Read a book with a building on the cover: Murder, She Barked--Krista Davis
20.) Read a historical fiction from the World War II-era: The Twenty-One Balloons--William Pene du Bois
21.) Read a book that was turned into a movie or tv show: Soul Surfer--Bethany Hamilton
22.) A book by an author named James/Jim or a variant: 19th Christmas--James Patterson
23.) Read a book recommended on your local library's website: A Week at the Shore--Barbara Delinsky
24.) Free Space- Pick any book!: 2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas--Marie-Helene Bertino

Level 3

25.) A book with the word "book" in the title: The Book of Joe--Jonathan Tropper
26.) Read an urban fantasy novel: The House of the Spirits--Isabel Allende
27.) A book published in 2000: Me Talk Pretty One Day--David Sedaris
28.) A book recommended to you by a friend: The Lost Vintage--Ann Mah
29.) Read an author's debut novel: I'm a Gay Wizard--V.S. Santoni
30.) Read a book from the BBC's list of Top 100 Books You Must Read Before You Die (here): The Portrait of a Lady--Henry James
31.) Read a book that is over 600 pages: The Stand--Stephen King
32.) Read a book by Isaac Asimov: I, Robot
33.) Read a book with the word 'Star' in the title: River of Stars--Yosano Akiko
34.) Read a book about a historical figure (fiction or non-fiction): The Firebrand and the First Lady--Patricia Bell-Scott
35.) Read a book about an assassin: Dorothy Mist Die--Danielle Paige
36.) Free Space- Pick any book!: Kindred--Octavia E. Butler

Level 4

37.) Book 1 of a Trilogy: Sand Castle Bay--Sherryl Woods
38.) Book 2 of a Trilogy: Wind Chime Point--Sherryl Woods
39.) Book 3 of a Trilogy: Sea Glass Island --Sherryl Woods
40.) Read a book from NPR's favorite books of 2019 (here): Daisy Jones & the Six--Taylor Jenkins Reid
41.) Read a novel by an author using a pseudonym: The Skeleton in the Closet--M.C. Beaton
42.) Read a graphic novel: Honor Girl--Maggie Thrash
43.) A book with a season in the title: Infants of the Spring--Wallace Thurman
44.) Read a book with exactly four words in the title: Murder à la Mode--G.A. McKevett
45.) Read a book about a writer (real or fictional): The Brontes--Juliet Barker
47.) A book by an author named Elizabeth/Beth or a variant: Black Dove, White Raven--Elizabeth Wein
48.) Free Space- Pick any book!: Beach Read--Emily Henry

Level 5

49.) Read a motivational/inspirational book: Girl, Stop Apologizing--Rachel Hollis
50.) Read a book with two or more authors: Windhaven--George R.R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle
51.) Read a book by John Creasey: Murder, London-Australia
52.) Read a book published in 1980: Clan of the Cave Bear--Jean M. Auel
53.) Read a "rags to riches" story: Princess in Love--Meg Cabot
54.) Read a book with an occupation in the title: The Lincoln Lawyer--Michael Connelly
55.) Read a book about travel or that involves travel: 13 Little Blue Envelopes--Maureen Johnson
56.) A book that takes place in outer space/another planet: Life, the Universe and Everything--Douglas Adams
57.) Read a book that starts with the letter J: Just Don't Fall--Josh Sundquist
58.) Read a book that takes place in the Middle East or is inspired by Middle Eastern Culture: If You Could Be Mine--Sara Farizan
59.) Read a book about a video game or virtual reality: Glitch--Sarah Graley
60.) Free Space- Pick any book!: Veil--Bob Woodward

Challenge completed on December 13

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Yet another fun challenge to broaden reading horizons.