Monday, December 9, 2019

NJM Book Challenge 2020

Doing this one again.

  1. Book Published in 2020: The Jetsetters--Amanda Eyre Ward 
  2. Non-Fiction Book: Ordinary Girls--Jaquira Diaz
  3. Self-Published Book: Good Visions Make Good Cases--Kelly Hashway
  4. Book Set During a Historical Event: Black Dove, White Raven--Elizabeth Wein
  5. Book Made Into a Film/TV Series: Soul Surfer--Bethany Hamilton
  6. Book With a Bad Boy Hero: Pop--Gordon Korman
  7. Biography/Autobiography: Rise of the Rocket Girls--Nathalia Holt
  8. Book Written Pre-1900: The Betrothed--Alessandro Manzoni
  9. Book With a Sassy Heroine: I Was Told It Would Get Easier-Abbi Waxman
  10. Book With Over 500 Pages: The Stand--Stephen King
  11. Book by Multiple Authors: Bad Boys With Expensive Toys--Nancy Warren/MaryJanice Davidson/Karen Kelley
  12. Book You Can Read in a Single Day/Session: White Fang--Jack London
  13. Book Based on Folklore/Myth: Dorothy Must Die--Danielle Paige 
  14. Book With Images: Silent Spring--Rachel Carson
  15. Book by One of Your Favorite Authors: Sunset Beach--Mary Kay Andrews
  16. Work Translated From Another Language: Lysistrata--Aristophanes
  17. Book With an LGBTQ+ Rep: Wayward Son--Rainbow Rowell
  18. Work by a Debut Author: Down and Across--Arvin Ahmadi
  19. A Supernatural Tale: Reborn--C.C. Hunter
  20. Book by a New-to-You Author: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter--Erika L. Sanchez
  21. Book Nominated for an Award (Carnegie): Normal People--Sally Rooney
  22. Spec-Fic book: The House of the Spirits--Isabel Allende
  23. Book With an Animal in the Title: Clan of the Cave Bear--Jean M. Auel
  24. Book With a Season in the Title: Infants of the Spring--Wallace Thurman
  25. Book Set in Another Country: An Appetite for Violets--Martine Bailey
Challenge completed on September 14