Wednesday, April 7, 2021

F: Facebook, Fast Food, Fatigue, Fires, Friday the 13th, Fauci, Fly


#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter F

Facebook, Fast Food, Fatigue, Fires, Friday the 13th, Fauci, Fly

That I was on Facebook each day last year was not unusual, as this is always true of me. But this year it was practically all day long, since we had to be home all the time. All over the social network were cartoons and photos depicting the quarantine and having to stay home. And having to stay home caused Covid fatigue. I was already feeling fatigued, lockdown just added to it, whether or not I did anything all day. In fact, I seemed to get tired not doing anything. 

Covid for me led to an increased consumption of fast food. Until now, I had always gone inside restaurants to order my food, then sit down to eat. I was never into the drive-thru thing. But now I had to get used to doing it this way, and I have. Most of the time I'd pay by debit since there was a coin shortage for a while. Sometimes I'd take my order home to eat, but more often I'd park outside the restaurant to eat inside my car, then dispose of my garbage in the cans outside. If I wanted to be out of the house, this was one of the ways to do it.

Many people seemed to overlook the fact that the week the pandemic was declared included a Friday the 13th. It just barely entered my mind that day as I passed along the empty shelves at the grocery store. Photos like these were posted on Facebook:

Another Friday the 13th occurred in November, ten days after Election Day. 

The fires that struck California this summer just added to the difficulty of having to stay home. The darkened late-summer skies made the already dreary year even more so. The fires forced our library curbside pickup to close for a week, resuming on the first of September. It was a record-setting year for wildfires in California.   And there was an event in California that just worsened the fires--this will be part of tomorrow's post.

There was no way to watch TV this past year without seeing or hearing this name or face.  But it was one of the names most people could hear without negativity. I cannot recall hearing his name much prior to 2020.  But if there was one name I did not dread hearing, it was his.

I stayed away from watching the presidential and vice presidential debates, but it was inevitable that what happened on each would make news somehow. The fly landing on then-VP Pence's head during the debate was the source of humor. A Halloween wig depicting the incident immediately came out. And there was this Halloween pumpkin depicting the event as well.

 And there was this skit on Saturday Night Live:


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  1. It was definitely a unique year for sure. I love SNL political skits. So funny. No one escapes unscathed:)
    Fauci is my hero. It always amazes me when folks dis him and science.

  2. Hari Om
    Oh yes, that fatigue... I came to the conclusion it was our hibernation gene kicking in... if you're not going out hunting, hunker down and minimise energy usage! YAM xx

  3. Sadly too many people know and feel that fatigue. Fatigue which I hope lifts. World wide.

  4. I went to get my 2nd vaccine today and since I had to be in the real world I put on real pants. You know with a zipper and snap and a real bra. I couldn't get home fast enought to put on my covid wear...leggings and t-shirt and sports bra. Whew. My jeans are a bit snug. Covid has made me a slob and I'm comfortable with it it seems.

  5. I definitely believe we needed the comic relief of that fly landing; and I hope Mike Pence didn't mind too much at being the landing pad.
    F is for Fractured Fairy Tales