Thursday, April 29, 2021

Y: YouTube, Yacht Rock, "You" Titles, Yard Sales


#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Y

YouTube, Yacht Rock, "You" Titles, Yard Sales

As I have already said, I watched a lot of YouTube videos while cooped up this past year. This included finding some 80's songs I had forgotten about, watching old commercials and discovering the many parody videos I have shown in previous A-Z posts. Two music videos from the 80's I watched a lot were these:

A term I saw on Facebook sometime last year was "Yacht Rock." I had never heard any such thing until then. Most likely since I have never gone sailing (just not an interest of mine; not an outdoor person). One of the Holderness Family's quarantine videos was yacht rock song parodies:

I then searched YouTube for yacht rock songs and among them was this one from the 80s that I had not heard in years (and here is a link to the YouTube search results for yacht rock):

Once we got back to meeting at the center, we began playing (and still do) videos from Youtube. I introduced the others to the Holderness Family's channel and have played the videos above many times now. And others have had favorites to play as well--too many to list or even think of!

When it came to finding book titles starting with Y, I was in luck that I already had a copy of this book. I read in in April while I was still unable to get books from the library. And one day while at Target, I saw a copy of this book, which I wanted to get, but didn't. I did later order it from Amazon, which was cheaper. Note that both being with the word "you." And the second one is written in second person. On a side note, I've also been doing a Color Coded Reading Challenge for years now and yellow is one of the colors I have had trouble finding in titles lately. I've had to settle for using titles with "gold" for this requirement (shades and variants of the different colors are acceptable). 

One thing I was surprised to see a lot this year was signs for yard sales. I also passed by some yard sales while driving through town. It seemed a little risky to be having such a thing at a time like this, but it should be all right as long as  the customers follow social distancing rules at the yard sale. I must admit that this is not something am into, but my mom and I stopped at one that some old friends of hers were having this past August. We went mainly to see them, and when we arrived only about two other customers arrived thereafter. Meaning the yard sale wasn't busy. Our friends mentioned two others who had come earlier in the day, before Mom and I arrived. Whenever my mom has a yard sale (it's been years since her last one), people can come in droves or very few at a time. It obviously varies with different yard sales.  And contrary to what people have said on the Internet, I have not seen signs for yard sales misspelled like in these photos:


End for today. Yay! Only one day left now!


  1. I think everyone being home is helping them declutter and purge. I hate yard sales and the work so I don't have them. I just sell my stuff online. Far easier to me. They pay online, they pick it up on the porch. Easy peasy. We watch music on youtube too but just not the same kind. 😀

  2. I watch short films on youtube and music videos too

  3. The yard sale signs are pretty funny, I wonder if they are real? It would be pretty sad if they are!

  4. I love a good yard sale. Someone's trash is my treasure. My hubby loves cooking YouTube video and I do craft hacks.

  5. We call them garage sales rather than yard sales and they have been few and far between during the pandemic.

  6. I love going to yard sales although did not venture out to them during COVID. I'm hoping I can go again this summer. I miss them. Weekends In Maine

  7. Hari Om
    Such sales were not permitted in the UK - all that having to sanitise everything...

    Listening to the 'yacht rock' I realised it is what we used to call the California sound (or West Coasters). Whoever decided to rename it?! YAM xx

  8. I see yard sale signs misspelled. It isn't always in kids' handwriting either. I've seen more than one "Hugh Sale." I wonder why they are so eager to sell their Hughs? I have only stopped at a few lately, and only if there is no one else there. I do drive around on Sundays to find leftovers free on curbs!