Wednesday, April 21, 2021

R: Reading, Repetitive, Remote, Ranting, Riots, Rejection Email, Royals


#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter R

Reading, Repetitive, Remote, Ranting, Riots, Rejection Email, Royals

If my posts are sounding repetitive, it's because that is how everything this past year has been. Each day seemed to be a repeat of the previous day. I've said many times already how reading was my main way of passing time when stuck at home. And what I've had to do to obtain books when I couldn't access the physical library. And the same stuff was repeated on the news day after day. 

It was just an endless cycle of staying home and going to the store or post office when needed. An endless cycle of staring at screens and going to bed and waking up at whatever time (before I began to go back to work at the center). 

The word "remote" became associated with more than just the device used to change the channels on the TV. I was glad to not have to deal with kids learning at home--remote learning. And I was also glad the pandemic did not happen when I was in school, back when there was no Interent. The only remote learning we had then was on television (see this post). And I did not have  to work remotely either, something I have never liked the thought of. My only remote doctor appointments were with the telepsych doctor (more later) and I just could not get into the Zoom thing (again, more to come).

One thing I heard more than enough about was the British royals, mainly Harry and Meghan stepping down their royal duties. Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus last year. Prince Philip died at the age of 99. Queen Elizabeth II is turning 95. What more can come from the royals? 

Riots were another thing I heard more than enough about. Many of the protests were more like riots and of course, there was the riot on the Capitol in January. That people were rioting in the middle of the pandemic was annoying, with the possibility of more cases of the virus occurring as a result. 

And there was always something that someone had to rant about, often in the way of politics and protests. The first song in they parody video says it all:

And the song that begins at 0:52 in this one:

 (And please watch the whole videos if you want).

And the other day, I said how I'd sent out my manuscripts in early 2020, before the pandemic was declared. One was the kids' book set in the 1980s I had worked on. I looked on this site for agents accepting such manuscripts. I emailed a portion of the story to one of the agents in February. I was not expecting to hear anything as a result of Covid occurring, but I received a rejection e-mail more than two months later at the end of April. I have yet to send them out again, one of the things that the coronavirus has made me think about less, but now I want to again. Still haven't gotten to it, though.


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  1. You have found some gems. That man is talented with accents. I rarely hear a non Southerner that nails it.

    Congrats about getting an agent to request a full manuscript. You know you are getting warm. I would encourage you to send some more queries. Of course those rejects hurt.

  2. Repetitive yes! Fun videos, thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Hari Om
    At least you got a rejection letter - far too often authors hear nothing at all and that is worse! With this you know that you just need to move on to the next in line - and keep at it. That's the way of things in the publishing world. I congratulate you on the courage it takes to do this. Something I have not yet done. YAM xx

  4. Good luck with your submissions. I hope you do feel ready to resubmit them soon.

  5. Loved the Bill Murray meme.
    Good luck with the manuscripts.

  6. As a teacher I can definitely say, the remote learning (and remote teaching) was not for the faint of heart! And thanks for sharing these fun parodies, I love these!

  7. I love those Holderness Family videos. They come up with such creative stuff. Weekends In Maine