Saturday, June 26, 2021

Getting to Go Inside Food Places

On Thursday, I drove to nearby San Juan Bautista to get a slice of pizza at the Pizza Factory. When I walked in, I Saw that eating indoors is now allowed. Was I ever glad for that! So I sat down, filled my soda cup from the machine and waited for my slice to arrive. Not a lot of people were at the place, but sitting inside a restaurant of any kind felt great. It has been more than year since I was able to eat inside any sort of restaurant, and it was nice to get to do so again. 

Same feeling a day later when I went to one of the three Subways in Hollister. I had been into two of them a few times before (I mostly avoided this place at the height of the pandemic, since they do not have drive-thrus), but this was my first time sitting inside the place to eat. The first time I went to one of the Subways since the pandemic began, eating inside had not yet been allowed, and one other time, after it was allowed, I just chose to eat in the car.  But yesterday, the restaurant was mostly empty, so I chose to eat in. Again, I was glad to be able to eat in, as this was something I missed doing for over a year now. 

I now await being able to eat inside fast-food places that have drive-thrus. I have not yet looked, and therefore am not certain which places allow this as of yet.  I have always preferred eating inside, but have gotten used to the drive-thru this past year. One day last week, while driving thru at Jack in the Box, I saw they they were out of sodas. But since I could not back out of the drive-thru line, I had to get was was available, which included lemonade. This having happened, I look forward to getting to sit inside fast-food places.

As for restaurant with parklets, I have only been to one of these since they were put up last fall. My mom and I joined a friend for her birthday in May at a Mexican restaurant in our town. I had never gone to this place before the pandemic hit. It was different sitting in the parklet. This is the only parklet I have eaten in as of yet. 

And I entered each facility with my mask on, but of course I got to take it off to eat.


  1. I am glad your world is opening up again. In some parts of my country restrictions are being reimposed. Hopefully temporarily.

  2. I'm not familiar with parklets, but I'm thrilled that the restaurants have opened up.