Monday, June 7, 2021

Two Things I Chose Not to Get From Amazon

Two things I pondered doing last summer while stuck at home: buying a car cover and a lounge chair from Amazon. But I never got around to either one and as the warm weather this year approached, I thought harder about doing so this year. 

Well, now I have gotten one of each, but opted to get both in store. There were just too many options on Amazon. Looking at one option would lead me to look at another and so on and so on. it was just too hard to narrow choices down.

The car cover I eventually got from O'Reilly's Auto Parts was more than the ones on Amazon, but I did not have a lot of other options in store. And I was tired of seeing my car get hit with bird droppings, so I decided to get the one at the store so I would not have to wait days for it to arrive. I put it on the car, not knowing it needed a rope to tie the sides together under the car. I went weeks before I resolved this part. Now I'm using the cover regularly and have had fewer droppings and the cover has kept the inside of the car cool, another good reason to have the cover. The weather will be getting hotter now that summer is nearly here.

And as for a lounge chair, the cost in store vs. on Amazon was just the opposite of that of the car cover. Again, there were far too many choices online and looking at one option would lead to looking at another and then another, on and on. A Dollar General opened in our home town this past January. I have gone several time since the opening, and one day I saw a lounge chair. It was the only one there, so no need to decide which to get. I got it at the end of May and have used to several time since. All last summer while going outside to read, I sat on a wooden folding chair we already had in the driveway, but yearned to one able to lie down to read sometimes. Now I have that option.

On theater hand, when I needed to get magenta printer ink recently, I chose to get that form Amazon. Though I can get the ink at Target, I only needed that one right then, and Target only sells the colored inks in packs, not individual colors (they do sell the individual black ink cartridges, though). It only took about three days to arrive. I haven't ruled out getting ink cartridges in the store, though Target is my only option locally. I have to go out of town to Best Buy or Walmart if I can't find the ink at Target.

And if you're wondering, I did look for car covers at Target at one point, but the one they could find to ft my car was out of stock. But I did not bother to look for lounge chairs at Target, as the idea completely slipped my mind, and I know there would be too many choices. 


  1. When I can I avoid buying from Amazon.

  2. Hari OM
    I find shopping in general to be a bit of a chore and, as you rightyly say, there is just so much choice these days. For some things, too, it is best to see and touch - for quality is hard to assess online. Congrats on the purchases! YAM xx

  3. I do a lot of Amazon shopping.

  4. Hope you're having a great day.