Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Year Ago...

 Two things that recently came up on my Facebook memories from a year ago:

And a year ago this week, I made this post.

Just how is now different from a year ago? We're still battling the coronavirus, and the JASON acronym is still true. And the one Friday the 13th this year is in August. 

But one thing has changed: The other day, I said that masks were still required at my place of work, but just yesterday we were informed that if those of us who work at the center were vaccinated, we could go without them. Those not vaccinated who work there still have to wear them. I had a mixed reaction to this.  I kept taking my mask on and off as I was hesitant to keep it off all throughout my shift. Those working had to fill out an optional sheet attesting that they have been vaccinated. Those clients who do not work at but attend the center can go without a mask if they have been vaccinated. And if you still feel like masking, you can still do so. I filled out the attestation sheet just in case, since I found myself alternating between taking it off and on during my shift yesterday. I'm still getting used to the idea of not having to wear one. It's a new habit that is becoming an old one. Though I do wait the day when they can be off for good. 

There are still some people who have not been vaccinated, and that includes one of my coworkers. They are not required to have the shot to attend, though.

And what else has changed from a year ago? 


  1. Masks are getting rare here - though we are ready to put them on again if there is another outbreak. Fingers and toes crossed...

  2. When they first removed the mask reg, it felt weird not wearing it. Now I'm pretty comfortable without it. (I've had my shots). When we went to visit our daughter a few weeks back, we found most areas in the NE still masked up.

  3. Mask are rare here .Even when required a number of people didn't wear them. Hopefully July will be peaceful.

  4. I am a little worried about the new variant but have been fully vaccinated so hopefully am ok. I am still not hanging with groups.