Monday, December 20, 2021

Book Bingo 2022 @ Unruly Reader

 I first did this one in 2020, but passed last year. Will get as many squares as possible.

This year’s theme is Time — because we kept thinking of topics that evoked different aspects of time.

My books:

  1. Timely Title: When It Happens to You--Molly Ringwald
  2. Coming of Age: The Rivals--Daisy Whitney
  3. Period Piece: The Red Queen--Philippa Gregory
  4. Librarian Recommended: When You Trap a Tiger--Tae Keller
  5. One-syllable author surname: Unfriended--Rachel Vail
  6. Ability Diverse: A Curse So Dark and Lonely--Brigid Kemmerer
  7. New York Times Bestseller: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil--John Berendt
  8. Immersion: Here to Stay--Sara Farizan
  9. News: Ace--Angela Chen
  10. Afro Futurism: Parable of the Sower--Octavia E. Butler
  11. Positive Psychology: How to Be an Antiracist--Ibram X. Kendi
  12. Free Time: The Rainbow Comes and Goes--Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt
  13. Biography: Sisters in Law--Linda Hirshman
  14. Wanderlust: The Wonder Trail--Steve Hely
  15. Slow: Hunger--Roxane Gay
  16. Vintage: Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio--Pu Songling
  17. Seasonal: The Summer of Jordi Perez--Amy Spalding
  18. Fast: Fast Food Nation--Eric Schlosser
  19. Play: The Merchant of Venice--William Shakespeare
  20. One-Hit Wonder: Tell the Wolves I'm Home--Carol Rifka Brunt
  21. Fleeting Fancy: We Came, We Saw, We Left--Charles Wheelan
  22. Time Capsule: The Anthropocene Reviewed--John Green
  23. Subculture: First Trip--Cheryl Taylor
  24. Native American Author: Firekeeper's Daughter--Angeline Boulley
  25. 1980s Classic: White Noise--Don DeLillo
Challenge completed on December 10