Thursday, December 9, 2021

Not Planning Much for Christmas

Even before Covid hit, my family had not been doing much in the way of celebrating Christmas. And now it looks like that will be the same this year. And I'm fine with this. And getting a tree seems unlikely at this point. Again, I'm OK with this. I have been used to this for years now. But this doesn't mean that I don't have Christmas Spirit--you can still have it without elaborate decorations, celebrations and presents. 

Every year, I find myself kind of wanting to put up Christmas decorations that never getting around to doing so. I might think "Maybe another year," but that always seems to fall through as a new year comes. But at least I have my snowman I made at work one year (pictured below) in the living room by the TV set. 

And I'm not sure if any celebrations are planned at work. Since Covid, we have not been able to have potluck celebrations, but last year we did do a gift exchange. No word on this year and there isn't much time left. We will close on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, since the actual holidays occur on Saturdays this year.

Do you have anything planned yet? 


Elephant's Child said...

We are, I think, having a low key day. I am fine with that. I doubt that we will decorate either.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

No tree, a candle that smells like one though. It is only my husband and I now and I just don't see the point. It makes others upset but it doesn't bother us one single bit. Whatever you do enjoy your holiday. Here's your tree. 🌲

Sandra Cox said...

We're having a quiet one too. And since the HH has a broken rib there won't be outdoor lights this year.