Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy Stay Home for New Year's Eve

With new cases of the virus occurring, people are now being advised to avoid large gatherings on New Year's Eve. Just like last year, I'm prepared to stay home. Even before COVID hit, I had pretty much given up on going out for New Year's Eve. So I was somewhat prepared.

I don't think I'll be missing much by staying home. But I do hope it will be safer to go out to celebrations next year. I really did miss being out for Halloween this year. That's one I want to be out for. I have been hesitant this past year about such celebrations since I will not know who has been vaccinated or not, and may encounter people without masks. Like everyone else int the world, I'm awaiting the day this will no longer have to be true.


Elephant's Child said...

The New Year can find its way in without me. As it has for several years now. Stay safe.

Sandra Cox said...

Our New Year's Eve has been a stay at home for years.
Here's hopes for a bright 2022.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well that was weird, I was typing and the page flashed and poof gone! So if you get a sentence and not finished, sorry about that.

I have never liked NYEve. In my 20's I went because it was peer pressure. I'd rather do low key. My husband and I always got grief from friends for not wanting to meet them etc. Since we both felt the same way we decided to marry on that day and make it a date we like. Also when friends ask you to do something on NYE and you don't wish to they whine, c'mon it'll be fun. No it won't. Now we say, Oh we've got plans it's our anniversary. NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING MORE.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday no matter what you do and be safe.
I think I'll do black tie this year. 😉