Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sending Out My Stories

I had sent out one of my stories in February 2020. Then the pandemic hit and I did not expect to hear anything, but received an email saying my story had been rejected. Then I got too depressed by the events of 2020, that I didn't get around to sending my stories out again. And in 2021, I also flaked out on sending them out, even though I was intending to send them.

One thing I almost never do is try to make resolutions for the new year. However, at the end of December at the center, our facilitator came up with the idea of doing a project for art centered on making such a decision. It was called "Turning over a new leaf," and she had write our resolutions on leaves printed on colored paper. No one was allowed to back out of this activity, so I had to come up with something, and getting around to sending out my stories again was what I chose.

Well, I have begun doing it again, and have already heard from two of the agents I sent the manuscripts to (found on this site). Both said no 😢  And another said if I don't hear from them within eight weeks, that means that they will be rejecting my story. And that is all I have heard as of yet.


Beverley Baird said...

What a great way tp post your intention. Just the sending out is so positive. There's a challenge somewhere to send out 100 ms. I have to do something like that. All the best

Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. I really hope that your work and your courage are rewarded.

Sandra Cox said...

Rejections are a rite of passage....AND they suck.