Thursday, April 18, 2024

P: P.J.


#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter P

A long-gone and forgotten friend of Barbie, P.J. was introduced in 1969, when Midge was first dropped from the line. Children wrote to Mattel asking what the initials stood for, getting the reply, "Nothing! P.J. is her name!" She lasted until the early 1980s when Midge was reintroduced. 

The Dream Date line of 1983 says that P.J. is Barbie's cousin, though this is generally said not to be true. 


This blogger thought that P.J. and Fluff, one of Skipper's early friends, looked alike enough to be sisters. That was never said to be the case, but if it had been, and if P.J. had been Barbie's cousin, then Fluff and Skipper would have been cousins as well.


Skipper's early friend Fluff (pictured on the right). 
Any resemblances?




Debra She Who Seeks said...

I vaguely recall P.J.

Liz A. said...

PJ was my era, but I don't recall her at all. I think we can all probably come up with our own name for those initials. I'm going with Patricia Jane.

My name is Erika. said...

I remember Malibu Barbie, but not PJ. I'm enjoying this A-Z of Barbie's you are writing about. It's opening my eyes to what I didn't know and reminding me of how much I used love my Barbie's.

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Mattel should know better: the kids were right. Even when registering for school, you can't just have letters for a name, they want "real" names.

Ronel visiting for P: My Languishing TBR: P