Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Break

Those of us participating in Blogging A to Z get Sundays off. I wasn't sure how often I'd be on the blog on Sunday, even though I have pre-written my A to Z posts and am still going over them. 

I decided to schedule my posts, at least for a while. This will come in handy on the day of my colonoscopy, since I''ll have to be up super early that morning. My pre-op phone appointment is this Tuesday (a week before the procedure) and I am working on questions to ask during the call. I'm getting more and more nervous about preparing for the exam, and took the previous day off from work as I can see myself feeling dizzy while refraining from consuming certain foods. This will be safer and I'll be able to rest. 

If I do any posts outside of A to Z in April, they will be on Sundays. I don't picture doing very many with all I've got going, but I hope to maybe get in a post for the Book Blog Discussion Challenge. I schedule-posted my monthly reading bingo card today. I usually post it on the third when it comes out.  


Pradeep Nair said...

Thank you, Jamie, for visiting my blog. I shall check out your posts. Yes, Sunday is the day when we can catch up with what we have missed. I hope your medical procedures go well. My good wishes. Get well soon. :-)

Kay said...

The procedure itself is a breeze since you're pretty much under sedation. It's the prep that's not fun the day before. But once it's over, you'll feel so much better. :-)

Pearson Report said...

Hi Jamie, good luck with your upcoming colonoscopy - not a fun thing I'm sure.
Happy Sunday, Jenny

Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. Kay is right, but the anticipation isn't fun either.