Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Got a Digital Camera

I just got one of these last weekend and can't wait to use it. I've got the Kodak Easy Share, 8.2 megapixels. I'm wishing for an occasion for which picture-taking will be a must. I wish I were going to have that party (see my Party Envy Blog). This would make a great set of photos to share on my Facebook or MySpace pages. It's what the people on the sites want to see. This is what most of the others put on their pages. I just don't want some random thing like buildings or sunsets. No one wants to see those. This, IMHO, is akin to first-grade show-and-tell, when a kid brings in a leaf he picked up off the ground on the way to school and gets mocked by the rest of the kids who don't care about some random leaf. Or akin to someone who envies the others for having a popular toy for show and tell. I also want to be able to tag people in photos on my Facebook page. Most of them I don't see in person very often, but I do have some co-workers and family members among my friends on Facebook. Users can also tag themselves in photos. In recent years, I only took pictures once in a while, particularly on Halloween. I would get one-time use cameras. Since getting onto Facebook last summer, I've only added three albums, transferred from a picture CD I got when developing the film, and my profile picture (my former boss took this with his camera phone). I got prints of the pictures I took last Halloween, but also got a CD with the pictures. The next two times I took pictures with disposable cameras, I requested only the CD, worrying the prints would just be sitting around in the envelopes.

I'm also curious abut the various photo-sharing sites, such as Picasaweb or Flickr. What other photo-sharing sites are there? Which do you prefer?

Alas, likely I'll never have that party. And I didn't get to do anything for my birthday ten days ago. I didn't have my digital camera then, but I would have gotten a one-time use one to get some pictures on my pages...

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