Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If you ever worked in retail, you know what it's like to have to do inventory every year. I've worked on retail for over seven years now and at my current place of work, this coming Friday is inventory day. We've been precounting merchandise in the boxes in the warehouse. I've always dreaded this day, and at my current place of work, Home Goods, inventory always seems to be right before my birthday (January 11). The store has looked slightly empty, since we have not received any new merchandise by truck and will not get another delivery until next week, when inventory is over. One of my former places of work, Dollar Tree, had inventory at different times each year. The first year I worked there (they opened the store in my town in Sept. 2001) I believe inventory was in June (2002), then in May the following, in August the next year, and in 2005 (the last year I worked there) it was in April. The stores I've worked at have always been nervous about this time of the year. If you worked in retail, I'm sure you've felt the same.

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