Friday, January 9, 2009

Party Envy

I've been suffering from this ever since I cam across this site:
And especially this idea.
This girl was so excited. Well, she should be. She doesn't know how lucky she was. (speaking bitterly here)
(Also read my entry for December 21)

Have any of you ever gotten to have one of these parties? If so what was it for, specifically was it for something other than someone's birthday? I'm told people have parties for no real reason. I don't know about some of you, but I think that idea is stupid and a waste of time. I think there needs to be a reason for it. Who thinks otherwise? One year I came across a group of people at the Salvation Army store in Seaside (a week before Christmas in 2004, to be exact) who told the man at the store that they were going to an 80's party. I asked if it was for someone's birthday but they said no. This was right after I came across the idea to celebrate your birthday like a hippie from this book (I was a hippie on Halloween 2004). I liked that idea, but there was no time to plan it. That's the problem with having a birthday in January. it certainly looks like I won't be doing anything on Sunday... No time and not enough money to plan or have one in the aftermath of the holidays in December. It certainly looks like I won't be doing anything on Sunday... Not even going to a restaurant, which I'm getting tired of doing.

And have any of you ever had a themed party? When, why and where did you have it? I have the problem of having no space at home and not being able to afford to rent either a hall, restaurant or the clubhouse at the mobile home park in which I live. Has anyone ever had a Seven Deadly Sins party? Look at this photo collection (I took that picture above from this collection)

I am committing the one sin I commit the most: ENVY!!! I wanted to have one of these parties in October, but it didn't happen.... And now it never will...

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