Friday, January 23, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

This morning I woke up to an earthquake while asleep and discovered the electricity had gone out. I had to reset my alarm. It was just past midnight. There had been an earthquake earlier this week sometime after 10PM that had also awoken me than. An aftershock followed later.

I came home from work and found no mail in the box. I just assumed I got no mail today. But little did I know that that the mail had not yet arrived. Yesterday I'd gotten a movie from Netflix which I did not get around to watching then, so I did do today. I finished watching the movie just before 4PM and heard a car pass in front of the house. Only it wasn't a car, it was the mail truck. Wow, that was bad timing! I have to wait tomorrow to mail the movie, but that's all right, since I can keep them as along as I want.

I am still upset about not having done anything for my birthday almost two weeks ago. Anything but going to some movie or restaurant.

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