Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've been a member of Netflix since 2007 and have enjoyed being able to rent movies without having to go back and forth to a video store. As a member I've been able to watch a lot of movies I missed when they first came out. Too many to name! I've also found movies that some people I know have never heard of. My now-ex-boss was unfamiliar with Buffalo 66 with I had heard about somewhere, somehow. I'm just sure where or how, but I was interested enough to add it to my queue. He also seemed unaware of the classic Cooley High, the 1975 film that served as the basis for the sitcom What's Happening!! If you liked that show and have never seen the movie, you definitely should rent Cooley High. And has anyone seen Friends With Money? And I discovered two Will Ferrell flicks that some of you may not be familiar with. Not two of the best I've seen, but worth checking out if you want something different and out of the ordinary.

When I first signed on, I got quite greedy, finding a lot of movies I never saw the first time (as I said earlier), finding ones I saw in the past but had a desire to see once again. I've--since the beginning--been rearranging the order in the queue pushing some back and some to the top--those I was more eager to see at the moment. As a result of this, some have seemingly been in the queue forever. I can remember when some were still in lower positions in the queue. It seemed it would be like forever till I saw the ones the were in the lower-numbered positions, and then it seemed like they suddenly reached the top spot. The above-mentioned Friends With Money and Buffalo 66 were two such flicks, along with too many others to mention.

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