Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prozac Nation: The Movie

Before I'd read the book Prozac Nation, my mom told me she saw that the movie based on the book was on one of the movie channels she gets on cable.  She then recorded it so I could watch it after reading the book (I could not find the DVD on Netflix). Having finished the book last Sunday, I watched the movie today. Here is the review I posted on Netflix and  I rated it five stars on Netflix and 10 stars on IMDB. 

Prozac Nation (2001) Poster

I was glad to see that this was recently on one of the movie channels, since the DVD isn't available from Netflix. I'd just read the book. As someone currently prescribed to Prozac, this was a must for me, to see how--if at all-- I could identify with the character from the book/movie. Some incidents were identifiable to me. The events depicted occurred over 20 years ago, but there are still many people on Prozac today. Coming to accept that you have depression may be hard for some people, but I came to accept it and learned not to be ashamed to admit I have been on this med. This film seems to convey that message. Don't be afraid to admit you feel depressed. You can be helped.
As I said in this post, I've been on Prozac since last summer and was on recently on 30 mg, and will starting 40 mg as soon as my 30 mg runs out (have two more caplets left of this dosage).  I had my psychiatrist appointment last Thursday and had something distressing I needed to tell him. Two nights earlier, I wanted to harm myself by either cutting or making myself fall down.  I didn't do it and am going to watch myself to see if I do it again (if I do, I will tell the doctor next time I see him).  My doctor reacted rather calmly (as he always does), asking how many times I'd done this (only once prior to telling him).  I also let him know I'd read the book and would be watching the movie (he did not know about the movie, however).  Today, while I was watching the movie, my mom asked if the book is what made me want to do this when the girl in the movie cut herself with a blade.  Mom kept telling me not to do this. 

It took me a while to come terms with my depression symptoms, something that was true of the girl in the book/movie.  And I'm not ashamed to admit I've been on Prozac.  


Unknown said...

Don't be ashamed, never be ashamed. If you hurt your leg and use painkillers you don't feel ashamed, same with your mental health. I have never personally been on prozac as I'm on other medication and the mix is fatal, but I have seen how amazingly it works on people close to me. Never feel ashamed for getting help, that help can save lives and if it saves yours then it is great :)

Jamie Ghione said...

I just saw I made a typo. I did mean to say "I am not ashamed..." i just now fixed that. I have told others and only wonder what they are thinking when they hear it.

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. Suicidal thoughts are actually a side effect of these medications, or so I've heard. Your doctor will know better than I on that, though. However, I DO know after having been close to people who are on Prozac that the medicine can take a while to do its thing, so try to wait it out and know that it will get better!