Friday, October 26, 2018

Hear This Every Year

Saw this article this morning:

It seems inevitable to hear about this trend every year. I do my best to avoid anything like this, but no one has ever called me out on not wearing anything sexy. I see no reason I couldn't wear the cop costume labeled for men, as long as it's not too big on me. And why should a burger or taco costume be labeled for men only? That's just ridiculous.

One year I pointed out that that I would not wear this costume (below) so I went searching for materials to  create my own:

Not one person called me out for not being sexy.  

And just last week I saw this video:

I found it weird that the men's cop costume was sold without pants. I'm sure many men buying it won't notice that until they get home 😀 And even if they do see the "Accessory sold separately" warning on the package while at the store, they probably won't think "accessory" means the pants. 

I've always wondered how people in cold climates can even stand wearing these costumes. Being from California, it's hard to tell what the weather will be in late October, but the thought of freezing from wearing one of these things has occurred even to me. 

Also, everyone has been hearing about "cultural appropriation" every year now as Halloween approaches. No doubt everyone by now has heard about what just happened to Megyn Kelly. I don't even want to get started on that one, but will say that no one called me out for such a thing when I wear this costume one year:

Nor did anyone call me out for wearing a grass skirt last year:

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Elephant's Child said...

Some people are looking for things to offend. Ignore them.