Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ten Days Till Halloween

Wow, time sure has flown. Halloween is in 10 days. I'm looking forward to the Zombie Crawl in my town this Saturday and our party at work on the 31st. I've already pointed Halloween bingo cards for the party and each of us will be getting prizes for bingo. And I will be making acorn cookies again for the party. Here are the ones I made least year:

Bite-size Nilla Wafers, Hershey Kisses, butterscotch chips.
and frosting  in a tube used for the acorn cookies below:

As I said in this post, I decided to make a half ladybug/half bumble bee costume, an idea I took from this reversible one:

I had once been a half devil/half angel (one I made myself  that was similar to the one in the photo below) . Seeing the reversible ones made me think of this one and gave me the idea to a half ladybug/half bumble bee. I don't know if anyone else has ever thought of this idea.

Once I made this decision, I went to Goodwill and dollar stores for materials. First I made the antenna, using this pattern. Here is what mine looks like:

I sued some black felt to cut some hearts for the antenna since
I was unable to find black pompoms anywhere in town.
The heart idea came for the antenna sold with the reversible costume.

At Goodwill, I got two shirts and some black leggings (nAnd the white ot shown) and some costume wings.  looks likeI had to look in the men's shirt racks to find a solid red and a solid yellow t-shirt. One was larger than the other, I noticed after I'd paid for them and taken them home. Eventually I cut them each in half and decorated each half appropriately. Here is what is looks like:

As you can see, I cut off the sleeves and the collar. The stripes were made from duct tape from the Dollar Tree. I used most of it for the stripes, then started to use what was left of the tape for the spots. But cutting circles from the tape was a little hard, so I stuck the  tape on some plastic wrap and tried to peel the spots off. But this was difficult, so I decided to buy some poster board from which to cut the circles. I attached them with tacky glue. Then I had to sew the halves together and make the bottom of the red one nearly equal to the yellow half (the red shirt was a large and the yellow a medium). I had not sewn in such a long time and this took early all day. But I was determined to get this part done in one day and I did.

And the wings I decided to make black like those in the costume picture. I did so today using black spray paint:

I will definitely be putting up pictures of the whole thing later. 


Elephant's Child said...

I am sooooo looking forward to seeing the finished costume.

Sandra Cox said...

You are having, and going to have, so much fun. Keep us updated.

Kathleen said...

I'm no fun, I'm not even making a costume. But you're very creative!