Monday, October 1, 2018

Things I've Been Doing

Wow, almost a week with no posts! And it's already the first of October. Meaning the year has gone by quite fast.

One reason for no posts since last week is that I have been working on the first pages of my diary sequel. I've only just begun, but have already rewritten just that part several times, in only two days. Now I have to determine where to go from there. 

And  after months of asking myself the question in the image above, I'm glad to say I've decided on a  title for the first book:You Can't Hide From the Teeth, one of several I had in mind as I began trying to come up with one. I immediately decided not to use the "behind bars" idea for a title, though that line remains in the books as one of the chapter titles. Tell me what you think of the title I have chosen.

I now want to know ways to design a book cover. I sent in the memoir to the publishing contest twelve days before the deadline (yesterday) but have not given much thought to a cover. Now I'm thinking of one for my first diary book. How have some of you designed your covers?

I spent most of yesterday afternoon preparing a dish for a potluck at work today. We've been having a nutrition class presented by the public health department. We then decided to bring some food for today's class, as it will be the last one. Here is what I made. I'd made it once for our cooking class and it was good. Even though it's not in the recipe, I added chicken to the rice for today's potluck.

And as you know, Halloween is on its way. Because I spent most of yesterday cooking for today and most of Saturday typing the notes I had written for the new book, I haven't gotten around to putting up my decorations yet. I work today and rain is expected tomorrow, so I don't yet know when I'll get them up. And I'll soon get around to working on my costume. I already have most of the stuff I need. I just have to come up with a way to make ladybug spots and bee stripes. Felt is hard to find in my town these days. People here used to be able to get it local drug and variety stores that are no longer around, and Dollar Tree, Target and Kmart don't seem to have any. And all those stores seem to be out of black pompoms at this time, something I'll need to do this antenna headband. I may have to find other ways to do these things. Everything will get done, I don't know how or what just yet.

Happy first day of October to all of you!


Hena Tayeb said...

Look forward to see those costumes..
We took out most of our Halloween stuff yesterday..
I love this time of year

Elephant's Child said...

Happy October to you too.
That rice dish sounds tasty. And it is easy which is also a win.

Sandra Cox said...

Congrats on finding a title and working on your WIP. Thumbs up.

Sandra Cox said...

You've been very busy. Looking forward to seeing your outfit.

Romance Reader said...

Wow, you've been busy. All the best with the cover!