Wednesday, September 16, 2020

First Visit to Goodwill in Months

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Goodwill for the first time since it reopened after the shutdown in March. We'd both been hestitant about doing so until then. Last Friday, after I'd gone to the Bank of America ATM nearby, I walked down to peek into the window at Goodwill. And we had both passed by many times since the reopening. The photo above was taken by someone else and posted on a Facebook page for our town happenings.

The visit yesterday was the same as any other--either you find something you like or you don't, and I didn't. No books I wanted. I last got books there in February before everything that is happening now, and I think I've read most of those I got then. 

I was mainly eager to see the Halloween display, but there wasn't every much. I didn't see the usual rack of medical scrubs, scouting uniforms, sports jerseys and other things the store thinks can be made into costumes. I did see the three-cornered displays of costumes made by the staff of nurses, pirates, witches, hippies and such. I didn't get any pictures as I was too hesitant to do so after going into the store for the first time since its reopening. I saw a customer and her two kids looking at the costume displays and trying to decide on a costume. I still am not sure if I want to wear one this year. I was expecting to see leftover costumes and decorations from Kmart after its closing earlier this year. Maybe later, as they will have stuff coming in. I just don't know how often I plan to go. I did see a prepackaged costume from Spirit Halloween. 

The aisles were designated with one-way arrows on the floor. And only a certain number of people were allowed in the store at a time. Yet, there seemed to be someone in each aisle looking at the clothing racks except in one. That was how I got to the back of the store to look at the books. 

None of the other thrift stores in town have been open since March so it looks like the Goodwill is the only place to get used clothes for Halloween this year if needed. 


  1. Glad to hear Goodwill is limiting number of folks in the store at a time.
    It's a good place to get books isn't it?

  2. We don't have Goodwill here. A big hooray for anywhere with books though - and I am sorry that they didn't have any to tempt you this time.

  3. I agree about getting books there. Maybe another time