Monday, September 7, 2020

Power Out Last Night

All this is certainly true. And what else could happen?

Last night, the people in my area were without power for about five hours. it had gone out for about an hour, only to come on and go back out again. 

This was a lot to deal with on top of the hot weather we have been having. Very little to do in the dark. But I was then remined of how people once lived this way for years, before there ever was electricity. Something to think about.

Before it got dark outside, I sat outside to read. After several hours in the dark with several candles lit, and two flameless candles and two flashilights on hand, I decided to try reading by holding a flashlight to the book. This was totally new to me. 

It was going to be hard to try to get to sleep without being able to run the fan. But I lay down for a while to try to rest around 11 PM and the power came back around 11:30. Soon I was wide awake, trying reset my alarm, check in on my computer, and turn on the fan. It took a while to try to get to sleep. I turned on the TV with the sleep timer.  I had to charge my cellphone overnight as the batteries had started to go out during the outage.

It was a tough night, along with all the other challenges that have been going on lately. Some were not expecting the power to return that evening. They were so wrong. I for one was expecting it to be out till midnight or later and half-expcted to be up till 1AM. I was partly right on that last one. I'm not sure what time I finally fell asleep. 

Now I'm waiting for the hot weather to go down. One hundred-something degress is still expected for today. 


  1. Stay as cool as you can.
    Reading in bed with a torch? I did a LOT of that as a child, after my parents had turned the lights out and decreed that my reading for the day was over.

  2. CA is scary right now.
    You need a little book light.