Monday, September 28, 2020

Halloween Yard Decorations

With all that is  happening I am still not sure about what do this Halloween. Still trying to decide whether or not to dress this year. I have though maybe reuse something I still have leftover from a past year, just to have pictures to post on Facebook and my blog? Will let you know on that one when a decision is made. 

I was also unsure about decorating the outside of the house, but upon seeing the neighbors across the street beginning to decorate their front yard, and after driving by an already decorated house across town, I decided to go ahead with doing it myself. On a trip to the Dollar Tree yesterday, I found and bought some foam grave stones, spider webbing, glow-in the-dark skeleton arms with stakes and "Beware Zombies" tape. I also dragged out the homemade scarecrow I made last year.

In past years, I'd always decorated the porch, but this time I decided to decorate the lawn and the put the scarecrow on a porch chair by the tree in front of our house, under our homemade Biden and Harris poster. And I hung the wreath made last year on the front door.

Here are pictures:


Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that you decorated - and smiling at the photos.

Bob Johns said...

Oh that's a cool wreath. Need to finish decorating soon