Sunday, September 6, 2020

Labor Day Weekend

How has your Labor Day weekend been so far?

Beaches in my area are closed this weekend. But to me that does not matter. I've never been one to head off to beaches on long weekends. And now it doesn't even seem like the long weekend it always has been. Just more holiday confusion caused by the shutdown begun in March. I nearly forgot that May 25 was Memorial Day (the first legal holiday since the lockdown began) and tried to get my prescription from the Safeway pharmacy that day, only to find it closed for the day. A reminder was posted on the pharmacy window. July 4 occuring on a Saturday was confusing enough even without going to the pharmacy.

In the past, Labor Day Weekend used to mean the end of summer, with school starting back after that date, though sometimes it would begin during the week before. But do people still see it that way, with school now starting in mid-August? 

And the hot weather in my neighborhood is happening as expected. It's supposed to be in the 100s today and tomorrow. Not looking forward to that ☹️


  1. I remember when we would start school after labor, my kids have been in school for almost 3 weeks already. ugh to the hot weather its looking good later this week for us mid 70s and one day high only 69! Stay safe