Saturday, September 26, 2020

Reading, Blogging, and Crafting During the Pandemic

Six months into the shelter-in-place and I have surprised myself at how much I done in terms of writing or crafting. Not as much as I have been reading. I am amazed at how few blogposts I have gotten each month. Only one writing piece completed, but I guess that is better than none at all. The only art I've completed is that shown in this post. I now want to try something using clay made from bread. I'm just not certain when to begin. I want to try something with paintbrushes, like those in the photos below (found on Pinterest):

I think that bread clay would work for this. I'm eager to try it, but just haven't gotten around to it. Once I do, I will post pictures. At the end of February, about two weeks before the pandemic hit, I had done another craft using paintbrushes. Here is the one I did:

On the subject of reading, I recently saw that the blog hosting one of my challenges this year has been deleted. It is the Indie Reading one, one I had not read a lot of. One of the prompts on the Book Riot challenge this year is a horror book from an independent publisher, something I've been planning for October. So once I'm done with that one, I will be closing out the Indie challenge now that the hosting blog is down. Another challenge I did this year was on an Instagram account that apparently has been deleted. I discovered this just when I had one book left on this particular challenge. So I finished it out. This seems to happen every year. These reading events are supposed to take place all year, but the blog or other social media account that hosts it disappears before the year is over. 

And now I am starting to plan my reading challenges for next year. I said I wouldn't post them till as early as next month, but  maybe next week. Some people get ahead of the game, like the A to Z one I have already signed up for. I got a late joiner one of my challenges fo this year, then decided to close out signups for the rest of the this year. I've already been making images to display on the posts. 

Again, I have surprised myself at how little I have done during this long down time--less than I might have expected. 


  1. You might say/think you have done little - but your little is bright and beautiful and a heap more than I have managed.

  2. Jamie, everyone has said this. Everyone seemed to think they'd write the great American novel or clean the house from top to bottom or organize this or that. I think depression set in with all of us. Your art is fabulous!!!

  3. Looks like fun crafts. Can't wait to see them.